OFF STAGE   edition print


Special Edition Print, 30 x 40 cm, Limited edition of 75, individually numbered and signed by Jens Juul.

Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl Paper, 285 gsm and framed

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Photographic print

GHITA NØRBY (b 1935), portrayed in her livingroom, Copenhagen 2020

For me, the portrait is an encounter with a human being, where we as spectators are invited in. Where confidentiality leaves room to be insecure and vulnerable. A private meeting. But when I was about to start shooting the series, the world was hit by a pandemic by a virus that was even hitting senior citizens the hardest. So how do you get close to the people you want to portray, when you have to keep social distance, wear a mask and apply amble amounts of sanitizer? Well, for one you are obviously helped a lot when you are so privileged as to be portraying experienced actors. The portraits in the series have been created in the homes of the portrayed. I came bringing my equipment which had all just been wiped down with sanitizer, set up the camera and then… left the room! But only in order to direct the model and operate the camera via my mobile phone from a safe distance, be it from the hallway, the garden or from an adjoining living room. Here are the results: Off Stage, corona style.